White iPad 2 but no white iPhone 4

Apple has been making white gadgets since 2001 with the initial introduction of the iPod, and the color has become synonymous with Apple. White has been on almost every Apple product, from the iPod, to MacBooks, to the white headphones, to the iPhone 3GS. But, we have yet to see a white iPhone 4 arrive for the masses. How is Apple able to sell a white iPad 2 but not a white iPhone 4?

I think I have the answer. Once the white iPhone 4 was delayed there was speculation that the white case interfered with the camera sensor and flash. I think this is totally a plausible, and most likely, the answer. The iPad 2 is going to be available in white on launch day. White is white, correct? Well, yes, white is white.  But, the main difference is that the iPad 2 has a metal back and not a white back like the iPhone 4 would have. The metal back would not interfere with the camera. And the iPad 2 does not have a flash, so this will not be an issue either.

I’m not one who likes white mobile gadgets. I’m not sure if I just don’t like the style or if I know it’ll get dirty and white will make the dirt show even easier than a black gadget. So, the lack of a white iPhone is not a problem for me in any respect. But  for those who may have wanted a white iPhone 4, the white iPad 2 may be the next best thing. This is only my speculation, but it does seem plausible. If you have any information regarding the white iPhone delay, feel free to pass it on to us here at Macgasm.

Photo Credit: Engadget

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