Wait, iCloud and Photo Stream can’t move my iPhone videos to iPhoto?

If iCloud is the future, and that future involves shunting my media from my iOS device to whereever it needs to go, then why doesn’t Photo Stream automagically move my home movies to iPhoto via my Wi-Fi connection? It’s no secret — I have a newborn. Along with the newfound parental responsibilities, I also seem to have been given the responsibility of updating my family with cute picks and videos of my three-week-old daughter on an almost daily basis. I don’t mind. She’s easily the cutest child to ever be born, throughout the entire history of mankind. I’m not sure about you, but I certainly enjoy the occasional video of my child. As I sit here, looking through my Photo Stream for photos that I want to permanently move into my iPhoto library for archiving, I realized something. All of my cute videos are missing. In order for me to get my videos off of my phone, I have to dig out a USB cable, or share it through email, an iMessage, or send it directly to YouTube, none of which are ideal for archiving. Fine, it’s called Photo Stream, but how about we get a Video Stream going as well?

While manually managing Photo Stream is a big priority for some, I’d argue an iCloud solution for my videos is just as large of a concern. Obviously 3G and bandwidth concerns are a hurdle here, but let’s not forget that Photo Stream doesn’t do any syncing until it’s on a Wi-Fi network. Heck, the solution doesn’t even have to involve the Internet. Why can’t we just have a normal iPhone Wi-Fi-sync take our video files and photos and move them directly into our photo libraries?

I mean, our videos are in the Photos app in iOS, so why aren’t they automatically going into my Photos app in OS X?

Right now we’re well on our way towards never having to connect our iOS device to our Macs with a cable, but until videos get transferred automagically, I may as well bust out my cable with every single sync. What are your solutions for video management on your iPod, iPhone, and iPad? Have you found a workaround or application that solves this problem? Let me know. I’d sure like to figure out a better solution than a USB cable.

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