Vyne Concept May Be The Perfect Stand For Any Sticky Situation

Think Joby GorrillaPod’s flexibility, but instead of having a bunch of tripod legs, you instead adjust one long bendy cable to meet your needs. The Vyne iPhone stand concept lets you stand your iPhone upright in a number of sticky situations.

Sure, wrapping it around your neck in a waiting room could be a giant douche move, but there’s plenty of legitimate situations where this kind of stand would fit into your workflow.

From the Vyne website:

“Vyne is a hands-free viewing accessory for the smartphone. It is designed to be worn sitting down in a stationary position for viewing media content for an extended period of time. Constructed of a flexible elastomer neck and plastic clip, Vyne allows users to easily watch movies, slideshows, and video calls in a variety of configurations & locations with maximum comfort and minimum fatigue.”

It’s a great concept, but it doesn’t look like the stand is for sale just yet. Could be vaporware, but either way, we hope it comes out or someone else manages to pull something similar off. Exercising and fixing my car could be a lot more fun if I was able to get my phone into a standing position while watching something for viewing a tutorial without having to hold my device.

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