Verbs: A gorgeous IM app for your iPhone

What is it about IM applications on the iPhone that influences developers to head down the path of ugly design and pathetic interfaces? You know what I’m talking about. If it lets you instant message, it’s probably super ugly. Verbs on the other hand is sleek and sexy. It’s minimal, and it focuses on  your messages and not that gaudy background you love so much.

While we’re reserving the right to review this application in full at a later date, we did want to point out that the application exists and supports not only Google Talk, AIM, and MobileMe accounts, but that it also lets you share files over CloudApp and Droplr. It even lets you view images, PDFs, Office, and iWork files from directly in application.

If you’re looking for a better instant messaging client on your iPhone, you’re gonna want to check out Verbs. So far it’s great. Once I get some more time with it, I’ll be sure to write up a lengthy review.

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