Vancouver Hotel Replaces Room Phones With iPhones

This has got to be a first. The Opus Hotel in Vancouver, located in the trendy Yaletown neighborhood, is currently in the process of making the switch from traditional room phones to in-room iPhones. The Vancouver hotel previously began adding iPads to guest rooms with built-in concierge services and software that guests could use. The latest addition of iPhones can be taken by guests and used while out in the city without having to worry about international roaming fees like they would if they used their own phones.

The hotel iPhones allow users to stay connected to the Internet, as well as make and receive calls, all while out and about in the city.

It’s also easy to keep in touch with the hotel as each iPhone is programmed with one-touch contacts for each hotel department like the concierge, housekeeping, or room service. When guests check out, each phone is wiped clean by an application to ensure privacy and security.

The hotel is often considered one of the trendiest hotels in Canada. The Yaletown location is a converted warehouse district that features chic boutiques, restaurants, art galleries, spas and more.

This may be the first time iPhones are used in hotels but there have been other occasions where technology has replaced something more traditional. For instance, a similar hotel in the UK replaced the Bible with Kindles.

Local calls are complimentary with the iPhones at this hotel. This definitely sounds appealing, especially for out of town guests who don’t want to rack up their own phone bills.

Source: USAToday via Electronista
Image Credit: USAToday

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