Unofficial WikiLeaks app yanked from App Store

Late last week, an unofficial WikiLeaks application made its way to the App Store. It was available for $1.99 and provided users will all of the information that was available from WikiLeaks (normally free) on their iOS devices. Apple removed the application from sale late last night, and it’s no longer available on the App Store.

The developer, Igor Barinov, provided Tech Crunch with a screen shot of the iTunes Connect information that shows Apple removing the App from distribution, but there’s no indication as to why it was removed.

At this point, it could have been Assange complaining that the free materials were being sold on the App Store for a premium, or it could be that Apple folded under the pressure from the US government just like Amazon, PayPal, and others.

If more information leaks about this, we’ll keep you posted.

Article Via AppsFire

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