UDK for iOS now available for download, but Windows only!

Epic said that the Unreal Development Kit would be coming soon, and it’s now available for download on their website. There’s a whole page on the UDK website dedicated to mobile gaming that also points out some key development points.

Great, but the beta is only available for Windows. Bizarre right? Currently all iPhone and iOS development must be done in Xcode, but developers can now build and publish UDK based applications on Windows machines.

Windows only development could be a double edged sword for developers. FIrst it would require them to re-evaluate their development platforms, or at the very least duel boot their systems. But, on the other hand, it could mean a lot of Windows based video games that already make use of the UDK could find their way onto iOS sooner.

There’s no mention on the Unreal Development Kit website about if / when the UDK will be available for OS X.

The Unreal Development Kit, for those uninitiated on the topic, is Epic’s development engine for creating video games. The first iOS game to use the engine was Epic Citadel (if you consider that a “game”), and then Infinity Blade.

If you have access to a Windows machine, and you want to take the UDK for a spin, you can  download it from the UDK website.

Article Via OS X Daily

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