TNT streams full length TV shows and movies to iPad

TNT, the channel that “knows drama,” has released an iPad app, which gives complete access to full length TV shows and movies aired by the network.

The usual role-call of features appears: behind the scenes videos, program guides, schedule reminders, etc. The app also includes integration with Twitter and Facebook, plus other social networks. So if you feel the need to let people know that Zack Morris just made a witty comment in Franklin and Bash, you totally can. The download is free and users simply need to authenticate that they are subscribers to the cable service.

A few things need addressing here. Notably, TNT is owned by the Turner Broadcasting System, a division of Time Warner, which is different from Time Warner Cable, a separate company since March 2009. The whispers at the moment are about how Time Warner Cable is allegedly less than satisfied with TNT’s authentication method, so Time Warner Cable viewers are left out of this party even though they do subscribe to the TNT channel.

All in all it’s a tasty development. Despite David Lynch’s reservations (“You can’t watch a movie on your f*cking phone!”), the more mobile content the better in my eyes. In an increasingly mobile world, and the bloating of free information, be it media or social etc., the needs of consumers are addressed by such apps. Many will love being able to kill 20 minutes on a bus ride watching Angel, and some will enjoy watching behind the scenes shots of Zack Morris and that guy from ER fool around on a courtroom set while they make the morning commute.

Considering the cost of subscriptions to cable services these days, I want to be able to view content I’ve paid for absolutely everywhere I go and on any device I want to use. Is it the ideal format for watching a movie? No. But, I want the option. With the fall season schedule approaching, it’s an app worth grabbing. TNT, it’s dynamite.