The Weather Channel iPad App Reaches 10M Downloads, Second Most Downloaded iPad App After iBooks

Gone are the days when people would just step outside to see how hot or how cold it is each day. Nowadays most people, myself included, rely on someone else or something else to tell us what it’s like outside, like the weatherman or iPad apps. So it’s no surprise that the Weather Channel app for the iPad is quickly becoming one of the more popular ways to check the weather, recently reaching 10 million downloads

After releasing a beautifully designed iPad app, The Weather Channel revamped their iPhone app and website to have the same look and feel. A lot was included in this redesign, like social elements, notifications when it is expected to rain, and personalized weather.

Today The Weather Channel app surpassed 10 million downloads, much of this is likely due to Hurricane Isaac, which swept the Gulf Coast this week. The company has reported that the strongest four-day period that the app has seen to date started on August 26, where it saw the most downloads ever.

According to Apple, The Weather Channel app is the second most downloaded app on the iPad, second only to Apple’s own iBooks.

Source: TechCrunch
Image Credit: Apple

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