‘Did U?’ Gives You An Added Push To Finish Your To Do List

The “did u?” app is a very simple app that has one goal in mind: to help you finish your To Do list. While To Do lists can get long and cumbersome, the “did u?” app seeks to simplify the experience. With “did u?”, you simply add a List, fill it with items, and set a deadline. The app will then ask if you’ve completed those items, giving you an added push to get things done.

In its most recent update, “did u?” has added an updated look and feel for iOS 7, as well as iPad availability, and task assignment via iMessage and email. While the app is really helpful and simple, there’s something missing from the app in terms of UX to really make the app perfect. Perhaps adding a prioritization of items or some colour scheme to determine what has been put off. Either way, the app is free and you’ve got nothing to lose.

Introducing did u? from Appsiders on Vimeo.

To download the “did u?” app, head over to this iTunes link and grab it for free.

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