Starbucks now giving away apps in store

You’ve seen the little cards before. They’re the same ones that Starbucks has being giving to customers for a while now, and usually they include a coupon code for a free music track download. I know I’ve grabbed one every time I’m in Starbucks. How about you?

It looks like the partnership between Starbucks and Apple has grown just a little bit deeper today. The two companies have partnered up to now give away free applications to customers at Starbucks counters.

The new Pick of the Week program seems to be slowly rolling out across the globe. Currently it’s not available in my home town. I’ve checked. However, CNET has verified that the first Pick of the Week app is Shazam Encore, currently $5.99 on the App Store.

There are still some questions that need answering, however. First, does this Pick of the Week program replace the music program? We’re very much hoping it doesn’t. Second, are the developers getting paid, or are they being encouraged to give the coupon codes away for free? Finally, are these apps only going to be iOS-centric or will there be OS X apps available as well?

We’re not sure, but we’ve got emails into all the parties involved. We doubt we’ll hear back though. If we do, we’ll be sure to post an update.

Source: CNET

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