Square Enix to bring RPG titles to iOS

RPG fans with iPhones and iPads will be happy to know that Square Enix announced at the Tokyo Game Show that they’ll be bringing several of their most-loved games to iOS in the near future. Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy Legends and Dragon Quest Monsters as well as a new title called Diffusion Million Arthur (huh?) will all be making the migration to iOS. Details are sketchy as to when these titles will arrive, however, so fans shouldn’t run to the App Store with credit card in hand just yet.

There’s also a card-battling game on the way, called Demon’s Source, that’s in development with Epic Games. Though details are scant at the moment, it’s interesting to bear in mind that it was Epic who lent their Unreal Engine technologies to iOS and gave us Infinity Blade, one of the coolest games of 2010. Though it’s hard to know how that sort of graphical technology could lend itself to a card game, it’s cool to see two gaming giants team up. You know it’s going to produce some pretty awesome results.

Square Enix is a name better known to old school console gamers than iPhone/iPad users, but they’ve given the gaming world some of the most popular and enduring RPG franchises to date. Moving their classic titles (or variations on their classic titles as Final Fantasy Legends and Dragon Quest Monsters both are) represents a pretty awesome influx of RPG awesomeness for those of us who like to tap and swipe.

Source: TUAW

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