Former Sony Boss: Apple could BE the gaming industry in 10 years

It’s not too often that the competition comes right out and heralds your triumphant trip to the top, but when it happens, people take notice. We took notice. Phil Harrison, former President of Sony Computer Entertainment’s Worldwide Studios, and the man responsible for the original Sony PlayStation launch, has taken a look into the future, and what he sees is a gaming industry led and dominated by Apple Inc.

At this trajectory, if you extrapolate the market-share gains that they are making, forward for ten years – if they carry on unrestrained in their growth, then there’s a pretty good chance that Apple will be the games industry.

Citing the end-to-end polish that exists on Apple’s platforms, Harrison believes Apple could very easily deliver the very best gaming experience to consumers. From purchasing games on the App Store to building the elegant devices that the games are played on, according to Harrison, Apple will continue to refine the process and dominate the industry.

Note:These excerpts were taken from an excellent interview with Phil Harrison from the Edge blog. Naturally we recommend you go and read it in full.

Article Via The Loop

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