Skype Releases Important iOS Update To Fix Critical Bugs

Skype recently released an updated version of its iPhone and iPad app, but it looks like it might have missed a few things as Skype has released a new update for iOS to fix bugs that many users were experiencing only 24 hours after the first update’s release.

On its blog, Skype has pointed out four known issues affecting version 4.2 of the iOS app, including generic issues like longer sign-out times if a user has a large number of Microsoft and Skype contacts and the ability for a user to only cancel the sign-in process when in the “early process of authorization.”

Two new calling bugs were also discovered. One lets some calls remain connected when the app is run on several devices and the other crashes the app if it is running in the background before the recipient answers a call.

Skype’s 4.2.1 update fixes all of these issues, which means you can go back to enjoying the Microsoft accounts support, as well as creating an account within the app and editing messages and using animated smileys.

Image Credit: Skype Help

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