Want Siri on your iPhone 4? Too bad, but Sara works. Wait, what?

“Sara, fetch me some coffee.” Nope, you’re not reading that wrong. Apparently some people are so in love with the idea of Siri that they’ve actually decided to do the next best thing — create a knockoff called Sara for all those iPhone and iPad users who decided not to upgrade to the iPhone 4S. Sara has gone through some rigourous testing on the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad, and iPad 2 and it’s now ready for the Siri-loving public.

The application only runs on jailbroken devices, but it does have its own set of benefits, like international location based functionality, which is something the iPhone 4S and Siri do not have. Sara can also read RSS, check your email, search videos on YouTube, and translate things for you, among other things.

Listen, it’s pretty cool, we get that. But, we have to ask where and how these queries are being sent, and how long they are being indexed for, if at all. The real Siri works by sending out your requests to a server before providing you with the information. I may be comfortable with sending that info to Apple, obviously, but to some third party developers, I’m not so sure.

You can install Sara using Cydia by adding the Sara repository manually.

PSA: If this goes south on you in a hurry, you’re on your own.

Via: AppAdvice

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