Shazam For TV Now Available In The U.S. On Any Channel Anytime

Shazam announced today the it has expanded its services and now includes Shazam for TV in the U.S. on any channel and at any time. Previously only available for music, Shazam for TV now supports any TV show in the U.S. on any channel.

For those that don’t know, Shazam is a popular music listening app that ‘listens’ to music and identifies songs and artists. It’s easy to buy the songs from iTunes and get additional information on the music you find. Shazam noted in a press release that it has reached a major milestone and surpassed a quarter of a billion users worldwide.

Shazam for TV now gives access to cast details and photos, music from the show, celebrity gossip, trivia, celebrity tweets, and links to even more information about the show you are watching. You can also share and comment on the show easily through Facebook and Twitter.

The music feature of Shazam uses its over 20 million-track database to identify the music you hear during a TV show. The goal is to be able to hear a song, easily identify it and purchase it. The cast information identifies the actors in the show and tells you what other programs they have been in.

The trivia part lets you learn more about the show and behind-the-scenes tidbits. More information about the shows is available from Shazam with links to Wikipedia, IMDB, and other sites. If it’s a sport you’re watching, details like stats, scores, and schedules will be provided instead of cast information.

Shazam is available for Android, iPhone, and other smartphones as well. Head over to the App Store to get it today so you can get all the information you want while watching your favorite show!

Source: Shazam via Gizmodo and SlashGear
Image Credit: MacStories

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