Shared Reminders Comes To iCloud Website

One of the main new features of Mountain Lion was the Reminders app. A feature of the Reminders app in Mountain Lion often forgotten is the ability to share reminders with others. Previously, this feature was only available on Mountain Lion, but now, Apple has added the shared reminders feature to the online version of Reminders.

Sharing a reminder makes it appear in another users’ Reminder app or sends it to their email. This update makes the feature available to those not using a Mac at a time when they want to share a reminder, like at work, or need to send a Reminder from a Mac but don’t have Mountain Lion. When you’re making a reminder, a “Wi-Fi” image appears called the reminder category. When this is pressed, it asks you to share the email address of the person you want the reminder sent to.

While it’s not yet available for iOS users, it’s likely that Apple will add the shared reminders feature to the iOS version of Reminders in a future update, but there has been no official confirmation of when that could be. Unfortunately, trying to access from an iOS device redirects you to services like Find My iPhone and Find My Friends or offers to help set up iCloud on the device since most of the features are already built into iOS devices.

Source: MacNN and iMore
Image Credit: MacNN

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