Security expert warns of security risks with iCloud

Look out, guys, iCloud and Apple’s iOS could be leaking your data according to Kaspersky Labs’s Roel Schouwenberg. While chatting with RSA 2012 attendees, Schouwenberg warned his audience that iCloud has some rudimentary security problems that makes sharing your information across the network a little scary.

According to comments made by Schouwenberg, and reported by Forbes:

According to Schouwenberg, the primary threat was data leakage. Apple is not using typical SMS protocols but is instead handling SMS as data. “This makes it possible for me to take the SIM card from my iPhone and put it in another phone,” he explained. Even after taking back his card, he said, the other phone could still receive his SMS messages … Schouwenberg said that Apple also shared notes he had created on an Apple device even after he turned note sharing off. Specifically, he said, the notes showed up in email. “That is not good,” he said. “That should be a huge no no.”

Neither of these bugs is really acceptable, especially when you consider that iOS devices have a tendency to sniff out open Wi-Fi hotspots on their own, but while I obviously hope that Apple patches these kinds of bugs quickly, I would like to reiterate that you shouldn’t be doing important work, email, or messaging while on someone else’s Wi-Fi network. It’s just common sense. Also, don’t lend out your SIM cards. If you have no idea how your packets are getting to your device, you probably shouldn’t be sending packets across the network.

It’s that simple.


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