Samsung’s AMOLED display might be in the next iPhone

During CES I wrote a quick article about Samsung’s AMOLED displays being the future for Apple’s mobile devices. I admit that I didn’t think they’d be rolling off the assembly line and into Apple products so soon, but rumours are starting to ramp up, and words coming down the line that the AMOLED display might just be making its way into the next generation iPhone.

MacNN is reporting that Apple is said ” to have a ” lifetime” deal [in place] with Samsung for AMOLED screens but to have held back on using it for now.” But, the move could mean a thinner and larger screen in for the iPhone, which would be a welcomed change for many.  A transparent screen on a mobile device opens up the device for a slew of more innovative applications.  Augmented reality applications could easily become the next major step forward in this particular computing space.  Like the Samsung representative says in the video below, these screens are perfect for heads up displays.

The AMOLED display is pretty badass, and instead of rehashing what it is I’ve added the video from CES below.

Via MacNN

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