Run Android on your iPad or iPhone 4 with OpeniBoot

I once got a call from someone asking me how to get Flash on an iPad. They needed it for an upcoming demonstration. My response was simply, “You shouldn’t have bought an iPad.” I guess the masses still don’t fully comprehend exactly what a Flash-less device means these days, nor do they understand the implications.

While I’m not one of them, I can certainly see how a couple of people may have been discouraged when they got home with their iPad. I’m a “buyer beware” kind of guy, so my empathy only goes so far, but I thought it would be appropriate to pass along a project called OpeniBoot. The project, while in its early stages, is hoping to bring Android OS  (and by extension, Flash) to the iPad and iPhone 4. We aren’t encouraging people to run off and give this a try. The application is still in the early stages and probably pretty buggy.

OpeniBoot is essentially an open source bootrom that will allow you to run unsigned code on the iPad and iPhone.

Personally, I’m a tinkerer, so I might give this a try once the project gets a little further along, just for kicks. But, again, this project isn’t for the faint of heart.

So, trying this is it at your own risk.  If the video below scares you in any way, this project isn’t for you.

Video of it in Action

Article Via The Next Web

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