Rumor: Apple to release an iPhone 5 and a “simplified” iPhone 4 in China

According to AllThingsD, and based on an alledged article from, China Telecom will begin selling the iPhone by the end of October. According to the alledged report Apple will sell both the next generation iPhone, as expected, as well as a pared-down version of the iPhone 4.

The original source, Brian White from Ticonderoga Securities, mentions that the two phones will make their way to China Telecom, but there’s no mention that the plan is expected to also play out in other markets like the U.S. or Europe, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not possible.

The AllThingsD article fails to elaborate on what a pared-down version of the iPhone 4 could entail, and they also fail to provide a link to the original article, making it difficult to suss out exactly what is going on. The article points out that Apple would release a more affordable iPhone 4, but again, fails to mention what compromises may be on the docket for exclusion.

If making the iPhone 4 more affordable means giving this new iPhone 4 the iPod touch treament, it could mean that the cameras and displays are about to take a major hit. I’ve said it numerous times, and I’ll say it again, if you plan on buying an iPod touch to take quick snaps and videos while you’re out on the town, you may want to think twice. The quality is pretty poor. Should Apple actually take a step in this direction to provide a cheaper iPhone 4 to the market, there’s going to be a lot of disappointed people in the future.

There has long been a rumor circulating the Internet that suggests that Apple is looking to sell both a high-end and a cheaper version of the iPhone in an attempt to compete with other cheaper handsets. Sometimes the rumors include an iPhone 4S and iPhone 5, other times it includes the iPhone 3G and iPhone 5. This time it sounds a lot more like an iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 coming to market than the previously mentioned alternative.

Via: AllThingsD

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