Reckless Racing 2 going live tonight

We’ve been keeping our eyes peeled for any tidbit of news that would indicate that Reckless Racing 2 would be going live on Apple’s App Stores. Today, or tomorrow depending on how you look at it, is that day. Starting at midnight, Reckless Racing 2 will be populating App Store servers across US and UK stores, and we’d reckon other stores as well.

The game is going to cost $4.99, but if it’s anything like the first version, and we hear that it is, the $4.99 is going to be a price well spent. Reckless Racing 2 now has 24 routes to play through, and 17 drivers to play as, including the original cast from Reckless Racing. There is also a multiplayer mode, so stay tuned for some macgasmic multiplayer goodness.

Via: Pocket Gamer

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