Recce-London Is A Great 3D Map App For Exploring London During The Olympics

For those planning a trip to London, or even those already living there, Recce-London is a great addition to your packing essentials. It’s a 3D map of central London that lets you explore the city, finding restaurants, transportation, landmarks, and more.

The 3D view can be rotated and zoomed in or out. There are also realistic traffic sounds with animated cars, trains, and boats moving along the Thames River. If there is an accident it will be noted on the screen and traffic updates and information about locations come in as over-the-air data.

Recce-London is provided by the company eeGeo, who has said more cities will eventually be added, with San Francisco and New York already on the way.

Features of Recce-London include:

  • A Super-fast, fully interactive and immersive 3D way to discover the most popular and vibrant parts of London.
  • Built-in GPS and Compass functionality to quickly locate yourself, and discover the most interesting things in your immediate surroundings.
  • Available both on-line and off-line with rich and relevant information.
  • Take a quick tour and explore London’s finest landmarks, from the classics such as Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace and Big Ben to the modern additions such as The Shard, Gherkin, and Olympic Park.
  • See up-to-date information on London’s Underground (Subway) or Bike hires.
  • Plan your journey and get the fastest route recommendations using London’s public transport network.

With the Olympic Games being held in London this year, this app would definitely help visitors navigate around the city. The best part about this app is that it’s free! Check it out in Apple’s App Store.

Source: TUAW and Apple
Image Credit: Woratek

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