Real Racing 40% off, brings four player split-screen to Apple TV

Vroom. That’s the sound of a car. A massively reduced car that you should download as soon as possible. Real Racing 2, one of the most gorgeous games on iOS, is now 40% off. The price drop means the game’s now a more reasonable £1.99 /$2.99, although its previous price was hardly difficult to justify.

Created by powerhouse developers Firemint, Real Racing 2 is evidence of how mobile development should be done — release a title and continue to support it with regular updates. Theoretically if the quality’s there (which it is with Firemint), people will continue to buy it and you’ll have long running happy customers.

So what’s new with the latest update? There’s AirPlay which lets you split-screen multiplay on a TV that’s running an Apple TV. It’s only available on the iPhone 4S (yet another reason to upgrade) and while few people will use this feature initially, it’s good to have for the future.

Also, with graphical improvements accompanying the Party Play, you’d be forgiven for mistaking the game for a console downloadable title. Make sure you install the app on Wi-Fi though, since it’ll take up 425 MB of space.

Yes, we’re aware the above screenshot is woeful but it explains the concept.

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Source: EAMobile

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