Print your Instagram photos on canvas at CanvasPop

Sometimes you need to take those sexy hipster photos you take on Instagram and print them out. And, sometimes you want to print those photos out on canvas and not completely break your bank account. That time is now, considering that CanvasPop is currently letting Instagram users print their photos on canvas at the introductory price of $29.95.

The canvases come in two sizes, a 12×12 square and a 20×20 inch square. You also have two edge options, black and white, at no extra cost. Starting today you can sign in with your Instagram account, get access to your photos and get them printed directly to canvas in three pretty simple steps.

I’m thinking about pimping out the home office with a couple. Pretty nifty stuff. These could also make great holiday gifts so long as your photos don’t completely suck. Mine usually do.

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