Phone-It iPad lets you make real calls on your iPad

Phone-It, a new Cydia app for jailbroken iPads, has just been released as a $20 download. The app, developed by iPhone hacking group iPhoneIslam, literally allows you to make real telephone calls from your iPad. This is not a VOIP, Skype, or Google Voice-based solution. This is the real thing, essentially letting you use your iPad as a portable desk phone.

Now, I know this sounds really bizarre and somewhat pointless to most of you. However, I must point out that when I walk around in the general public with my iPad, people ask me all the time if I can use it to make voice calls. In fact, it’s often the first thing out of their mouth when they see it. They always say that it would be great for business people to be able to manage their business on one small, portable device. Business users are already adopting the iPad in droves for doing everything from project management and collaboration, to remote meetings, emails, point-of-sale, and sales tracking. If they could use it to make calls, that would eliminate the need to carry a separate business phone for some of them. So, at least we can see why the team bothered to do this.

That said, the app is fairly limited at present, and cannot make calls using a bluetooth headset, which severely limits its appeal. Presumably, you’ll still be able to make calls using a wired headset. The team has said the app will be available on iOS 5 as well, since that platform has already been jailbroken. They made a video of the app in action, which you can check out at Engadget. You can check out the app on the team’s website.

Article and Image Via Engadget

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