Ain’t no party like a Valentine’s Day Angry Birds party

I’m starting to wonder if Angry Birds: Seasons is a giant ploy to keep the application in the news cycle. Angry Birds, arguably one of the most popular games ever made, has now been updated to include Valentine’s Day goodness in-game.

There isn’t all that much new about the Seasons update, except the game is now plastered with Valentine’s Day hearts and everything else Valentine’s Day related.

But, if you are an Angry Birds addict, you do get 15 new levels. The Valentine’s Day edition is currently available to those of you who have already purchased the Seasons edition of the game. All you have to do is update your application.

If you haven’t purchased Seasons yet, you might want to. There has already been an Angry Birds Halloween and Christmas edition.

Angry Birds Seasons is available for the iPhone and iPad.

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