Nintendo is looking to take a Page out of Apple’s Book says Capcom CEO

In an interview with Nikkei BP (Japanese), Capcom CEO Haruhiro Tsujimoto discussed his company’s interest in the iOS platform. Capcom has released games for the iPhone and iPad (Resident Evil, Phoenix Wright, Street Fighter IV, et cetera), but they’re not the only ones interested in Apple’s App Store. He says that Nintendo is keeping a very close eye on Apple’s success. Since Nintendo is focusing more on digital distribution with their Wii Shop and DSi platforms, it makes sense that they would take cues from the leader in the club house.

Frankly, I would welcome more platforms in the mold of the App Store. If Nintendo can take what Apple has done, and then make it their own flavor, I wouldn’t hesitate to check it out. When smaller developers can create, release, and promote their titles right along with the Capcoms, EAs, and Konamis, we’re bound to see, at the very least, a handful of great, innovative games.

What do you think of Nintendo being a “great artist” in this situation? Would you embrace more companies learning from Apple?

Article Via The Loop
Photo Credit: Nintendo, Capcom

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