Newly generated promo codes cannot be redeemed in Apple’s App Stores

It’s iPad 2 day, and clearly Apple has their hands full today, but they might want to get a team of engineers to take a time out from their iPad 2 party to address promo code problems with the App Store. According to some developers, the problem is pretty rampant right now.

Recently generated promo codes from an iTunes connect account have been tossing up errors instead of actually resulting in an application download.

Instead of downloading an application, iTunes tosses up this error:

An error message stating: “The offer associated with that song code has expired.”

The problem is present for both the iOS App Store and the Mac App Store. So, if you’re wanting to send out some promotional coupons to journalists and friends over the next couple of days, you may want to delay a little bit.

There have also been reports of newly generated promo codes coming up expired by default upon creation. This isn’t an across the board type of problem, but handfuls of coupons codes have been rendered useless for a number of developers.

Something is rotten in the state of the App Store

Thanks to Chad Podoski for sending this in!

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