Mobile How-To Guide App, Snapguide, Is Coming To iPad

Snapguide’s iPhone app first launched in March and has since become quite a hit. It’s now up to about one million active users and, in all, there are “tens of thousands” of quick and easy how-to guides uploaded to the service so far. After its success on the iPhone, Snapguide is now coming to the bigger iPad screen.

Snapguide first came about because creator Daniel Raffel just wanted to share a tricky sourdough recipe with a few friends. The app has always been mobile first and the idea was to use the iPhone’s high-quality camera to take a few pictures of the various steps of your activity, add some instructions, and upload it to the site from anywhere. Now, the team at Heavy Bits, which makes Snapguide, wants to broaden its user base by bringing it to the iPad.

Raffel said, “The iPhone is probably more natural [for uploading guides], but for consumption, the iPad is a bit better. For us, we want people to create content regardless of platform.”

Snapguide isn’t just popular with users. Apple has heavily featured it in the App Store as well. Raffel said he doesn’t want it to be just for iOS though, and hopes to bring it to Android someday and become a resource for those on the web.

You can get Snapguide for free today in the App Store.

Image Credit: Wired

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