Mass Effect: Infiltrator Updated With New Mission


Good news, Mass Effect fans. Mass Effect: Infiltrator for both iPhone and iPad has been updated with some great new content as well as much appreciated tweaks to gameplay.

First up is the addition of manual aiming. When the game launched, the only way to shoot your enemies was with an auto-targeting system. With this update comes the ability to turn that off, and go to a completely manual control scheme. It might be slightly more difficult, but it does make it play more like a traditional third-person shooter.

Paragon and renegade choices now have an impact on your character. When you make paragon choices, your biotic powers and appearance reflect that. When you’re renegade, your facial scars will show.

Performance has been smoothed out, so it should run even better on your iDevices. Better yet, it is completely Retina optimized. Get your HD gaming on with higher resolution than the Xbox version of the Mass Effect trilogy.

Most interestingly, a whole new bonus mission has been added to the game. Normally, you play as Randall Ezno, a rogue Cerberus agent. With this content update, you can now also play as an escaped Turian victim of Cerberus’ insane experiments.

All of this is completely free to anyone who already purchased the game. If you still haven’t purchased it, you can do so for only $4.99 USD — even cheaper than it was at launch.

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