LTE issues delay 4G iPhones to 2012; more Chinese networks to get iPhone in September

According to DigiTimes, manufacturing problems with the production of LTE chips have forced Apple to delay the production of its next-generation 4G iPhones. However, it is anticipated that Apple will still be introducing its iPhone 4S this September. Additionally, Apple will introduce iPhones to additional Chinese networks in the near future.

Apple’s chief operating officer Tim Cook said that Apple is not interested in the current generation of LTE chipsets due to reliability issues.  Cook made the statement during a phone call with investors. He claimed that issues with LTE chips would cause Apple to make unnecessary design compromises that it was unwilling to make at the time of production. Because of this, Apple  is unlikely to introduce LTE iPhones to the U.S. market for at least several months.  These delays may cause us to not see 4G iPhones in the United States until 2012.

According to sources, China Mobile, which operates the world’s largest mobile network with over 600 million subscribers,  will likely start selling iPhone 4S models as early as this coming September. China Unicom has been the exclusive carrier of the iPhone in China. In June, Apple is also expected to roll out iPhones on the third-place China Telecom network. As Apple has yet to conquer the Chinese market with its iPhones, these developments should give them a serious leg up in the Chinese market.

An American release of an updated iPhone, known as the 4S, is also expected to coincide with the release of these Chinese iPhones, making the iPhone 4S a truly global device.

Article Via AppleInsider
Photo Credit: Jorge Quinteros

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