Landmine, meet iPhone

While everyone else if off drooling over Google’s Android @ Home system, we thought we’d take a moment to point out how an iPhone can find landmines. Let’s see you do that from your Android enabled living room, Google.

Researchers at Harvard have managed to design a system that not only uses an iPhone as a key component of their landmine finder, but also managed to create a device that provides more accurate information than any of its predecessors.

Relying on beeps provided by the metal detector, an iPhone can be used to map out the general size and shape of objects in the ground. According to the research, unexperienced users have seen an increase in landmine detection efficiency by up to 80 percent.

It’s tools like these that make these smartphones so intriguing, no matter what brand you’re carrying in your pocket. These devices have the potential to cheaply solve a lot of problems in the world. I for one am grateful for all the developers and designers who take it upon themselves to try and solve these types of real-world problems.

Great stuff.

All kidding aside, Android @ Home looks freaking awesome, so please keep the Android trolling in the comments to a minimum.

Article Via TUAW

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