‘Just Type’ Is A Slick New Notes App For iOS

A new notes app for iOS has recently been released for free in the iOS App Store. Made by developer Shubham Kedia, Just Type is comparably better than Apple’s own Notes, with a unique icon, a smooth interface, and a lot of new controls and features.

There’s more to this app than just a sweet-looking interface. Just Type not only offers the same features as Notes, but also provides many more. With this app, users will be able to choose between different fonts, change font size, bold, color-coat notes, and more.

There’s also an action button at the bottom of the screen that allows users to do more than just email and print. Users can:

  • Email as text
  • Email as attachment
  • Message (SMS)
  • Print text
  • Copy text to clipboard

The interface of this app is similar to the popular email application, Sparrow, such as the slide-sideways design. Notes can easily be deleted simply by swiping to the left on them. There are also three buttons at the top: one for normal view, one for showing only starred notes, and one for separating notes by color. A search field is also included so that users can access older notes easily and quickly.

To make a new note, users can press the Plus button from within an existing note or by pressing the Plus button from the main page of the app. When a note is finished with editing and needs to be saved, simply press the check button that appears at the top right.

Other great features in Just Type:

  • Automatic lists — Just Type detects bullet or number lists and will automatically format it that way
  • Star important notes just by sliding to the right, and then browsing starred items for quick and easy access
  • Undo/Redo support
  • iCloud syncing so that notes will be shared between all devices that have the app installed

Just Type is definitely worth downloading, and not just because it’s free. It has a lot of great features that makes writing notes more efficient and fun. It’s available for both iPhones and iPads.  Go to iTunes to get this great free app.

Source: ModMyi and Apple
Image Credit: Beautiful Pixels

Kaylie lives in Ottawa and got her first Mac in 2007 and is now a fan for life.