Jetpack Joyride gets more awesome with robotic dragon and fruit jetpacks

No sooner had we published our review of Jetpack Joyride (the best iOS gaming experience since iSlicedBread), than did Halfbrick Studios, the minds behind the game, announce version 1.1. If you’re still yet to play the 99 cent classic-in-waiting, you’re missing out — you should rectify that misdemeanour as soon as possible. Everyone else, hover on over to the App Store and get updating.

The universal update brings in a new fire-breathing robotic dragon (aptly named as Mr. Cuddles) and a new jetpack that propels itself with that well known fuel, fruit. Honest Phil also makes a cameo (the marketing bod behind the game and the protagonist, Barry Steakfries) as a purchasable apparel upgrade.

The update also includes fixes to achievements, tasks and coin amounts. Nice work Halfbrick, let the lolrides continue.

Via: TouchArcade
Photo Credit: jurvetson

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