iOS 6 Includes Gay And Lesbian Couple Emoticons

The newest version of Apple’s iPhone comes with brand new emojis, which are emoticons often used when texting and emailing. For the first time, gay and lesbian couples are being represented in iOS 6.  Placed beside the already existing heterosexual couple and heterosexual couple with a son are these two new emoticons. The first features two men holding hands and the second shows two women also holding hands.

Emojis started in Japan and have since travelled to the Western parts of the world, and are also available for iPads. Apple first incorporated its emoji keyboard when the iPhone entered the Japanese market. iOS 6 has greatly expanded the available emoticons that are available, including these two.

Software updates are continually making Apple products more efficient and easy to use and are now becoming more accessible and inclusive, as is evidenced by these new emojis.  The only question is: why don’t the gay and lesbian couples have facial expressions, or a child in tow?

Source and Image Credit: Gizmodo

Kaylie lives in Ottawa and got her first Mac in 2007 and is now a fan for life.