iOS 4.3 tightens in-app purchasing rules

According to the Washington Post, iOS 4.3 has re-worked how in-app purchases work a little:

Apple said its new device software, iOS 4.3, made available Wednesday, will come with a feature that requires a password when purchases are made within an application after it is downloaded.

Parents had complained to the The Post that in the 15-minute period after an app was downloaded, children were buying sometimes hundreds of dollars of purchases on games such as Smurfs’ Village and Tap Zoo — popular iTunes games that are also among the highest-grossing programs for in-app purchases.

I’d love to see some more fine control where this is concerned. Being able to set how long your device will respect or remember your AppleID password would be nice, but I’m glad to see Apple moving in the right direction where this is concerned.

Article Via Mac Rumors

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