iOS 4.1 must be close: Apple resets Game Center

These are second hand reports, considering I’ve still got this crappy 3G iPhone without access to Game Center, but apparently Apple’s reset Game Center entirely. While it was available on our device during the early days of the 4.0 beta, it has since disappeared entirely for anyone testing on a 3G phone.

So take it with a grain of salt when we say that, according to an iPhone developer, the Game Center has been reset and your gamer tag is no longer. So, if you’re particularly attached to your handle,  you may want to go recreate your account. It’s not overly surprising that Apple would reset the service before launch. It’s a practice that’s in place for most developers in the industry—new release and a new start.

It’s also being assumed that 4.1 will officially be released to the public tomorrow, based on Apple’s own admission on their website. So save that extra bandwidth, as you might need it tomorrow.

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