Infinity Blade all out of bubble-gum, and still kicking ass

Infinity Blade was easily the first major title from a big publisher that clearly demonstrated the power of gaming on iOS devices. Up until its release, many claimed the iPhone, and iPad for that matter, was a casual gaming device that would never live up to consoles.

Turns out that Infinity Blade is not only proving everyone wrong, but it’s also kicking ass in the accounting department.

From the Finkster at MacStories:

A year later, Infinity Blade II has hit the market after another impressive tech demo, earning $5 million in revenue since its December 1st launch. The original Infinity Blade took three months to reach the $5 million marker and has earned Epic Games $23 million to date. Since the original title launched, the Infinity Blade franchise has earned over $30 Million in revenue.

The iPad and iPhone may never win the hearts of hardcore gamers, but I’ll tell you this, I play games on my iPad a lot more than I do my Xbox 360 at this point. Much like cameras, gaming these days is all about the device in your pocket, not on the shelf. Just ask Nintendo what the inspiration for Wii U has been up until this point.

On a bit of a side note, there’s one thing that drives me absolutely nuts about gaming on iOS, and Infinity Blade in particular: reset game progress at random. Just ask Macgasm podcast co-host Brennan Schnell what happened to his saved progress in Infinity Blade II. Hopefully this won’t be a problem once iCloud finds its way into games in the future.

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