Grid: An Upcoming, Modern Approach To Spreadsheets For iOS Devices

GRID by Binary Thumb from Josh Leong on Vimeo.

Spreadsheets aren’t sexy, well, unless you’re an accountant. Innovations in this space pretty much stop at Google Docs, Numbers, and Excel. While these applications work well on the desktop, mobile devices aren’t exactly the optimum tool for creating spreadsheets. Grid, a new spreadsheet application, is looking to change all that.

In addition to typical text and number inputs, you can also easily attach photos, and use plain speech inputs to add your data to cells, and other typical mobile interactions. The application centers on Binary Thumb’s Maestro technology, which is built to take advantage of gesture based inputs for your spreadsheet.

While the application is still in beta, and not available on the App Store, it’s hard not to get excited about a spreadsheet application that’s built entirely for the iPad and iPhone. Instead of taking desktop paradigms and redefining them for mobile devices, Grid seems to be built for iOS from the beginning.

It’s not every day I can say this, but I’m pretty excited to see what Grid has in store for us.

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