Check Out This Gorgeous Marantz Consolette Speaker Dock

marantz consolette wireless speaker dock

This speaker dock from Marantz is a thing of beauty. The Consolette is both retro with its wooden back, and modern in the front. Actually, it’s kind of an audio-mullet. We’re okay with that. Containing both AirPlay and DLNA audio streaming capabilities, this thing is bound to get noticed sitting in your living room or office.

The Consolette has a dock, USB port, and line-in, just in case you have some obscure device you want to connect to it. Heck, you can connect to a network over both Wi-Fi and LAN systems.  The dock also has BMR drivers, so it’s going to be putting out some crazy vibes the next time you decide to crank Deadmau5 at three in the morning to piss off the neighbors.

We can’t find a price for this thing yet, so we’re guessing it’s pretty pricy, but it comes with an iPhone app, so it’s got to be worth the price of admission, right?

I’ll take two.

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