Flipboard triples daily usage and doubles user-numbers within two months

The iPad is often described as the perfect product for people who love to consume digital content. Be it watching movies or listening to music, reading Twitter or surfing through the web, it’s feature-richness, form-factor and the thousands of apps definitely speak for this title.

Flipboard, the number one app when it comes to generating your individual news magazine, just revealed that the daily usage of the app is three times as high as it was just two months ago. CEO Mike McCue said that they see up to nine million page views (Flipboard calls those “flips” because they describe the number of page turns), per day.

In the same time span, the start up has also doubled the number of users, although a concrete number was not given. According to McCue, the high increase of users and daily “flips” is based on the recent improvements of the app itself as well as the speed improvements that Apple managed to roll out in the iPad 2.

The Palo Alto-based company is currently working on an iPhone version, which will be, according to the CEO, aimed at power users:

The iPhone version will be catered to power users more so than the iPad app, said McCue.

Besides an iPhone version, there are also rumors about a coming Mac version, as we reported a while ago.

Article Via All Things Digital

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