Final Fantasy Tactics for iPhone coming this summer, iPad version to follow

Fans of Square Enix games should be elated to hear that the very highly anticipated Final Fantasy Tactics is coming this summer to the iOS platform. The move was originally announced at E3 2010 by Square Enix, the maker of the popular game series. The game has previously been released by the company for the PSP and before that, for the PSX.

Initially slated for September of 2010, the game has experienced a series of delays and misunderstandings that fans have not been too pleased about. Later on, the company claimed the game would be released in spring of 2011, but with summer rapidly approaching, it seems a summer release is far more likely. Square Enix has confirmed this with an announcement on their Facebook fan page, claiming the company will release the game once and for all between June and July of 2011. Time will tell if this turns out to be just another false alarm, or the big release fans have hoped for.

An iPhone and iPod touch version of the game will be released first, with a juicy custom version for the iPad to follow at a later date. The iPad version will feature dramatically better, high-resolution graphics, and will be created specifically for the device. Everything in the game will be redrawn at iPad resolution, for a no-compromises gaming experience on the device’s large, crisp multi-touch display.

Pricing is yet to be announced, but will most likely be similar to that of the existing Final Fantasy 3 for iPad, which retails in the iOS App Store for $16.99. The iPhone and iPod touch version will likely retail for significantly less due to the smaller nature of the platform.

Article Via TUAW
Photo Credit: Square Enix

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