Facebook Buys Instagram: Here’s How To Backup Your Photos And Delete Your Account

Another amazing app company has given in to temptation and decided to sell their business to the Zuck. Facebook has purchased Instagram for a cool $1 billion dollars. The deal will see a substantial number of stocks and a pile of cash heading in Instagram’s direction. As for the app, it’s rumored that Instagram will now be a standalone Facebook camera application.

It’s rumored that Instagram has more than 27 million users on iOS alone, but just last week the company released its first app for Android smartphones, so the numbers are probably well north of 27 million at this point.

So, now that we know what’s going on with Instagram, here’s how you export all your photos, and delete your account:

1.) Export Your Instagram Photos

The first place you’re going to want to head to is Instaport. The service lets you connect with your Instagram login credentials and export your photos. The photos will be downloaded to your computer in a ZIP file. The service is free.

2.) Delete Your Instagram Account

If you’re hell bent on never letting Facebook get another piece of your information, head to this particular page on the Instagram site and delete your account.

If you decide to stay on Instagram, make sure you tag your photos with #macgasm. If you do, you may find yourself featured on our site from time to time in our Macgasmagram Friday posts.

Hat tip to Steve Streza for the info on exporting and deleting your account

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