Epoch, an incredible Unreal iOS title from the team behind Bioshock

Take a look at the trailer below. Yes, that is actually running on iOS and yes, it does look like Gears of War meets Wall-E. It’s called Epoch and it’s being developed by newly formed Uppercut Games, a studio made up of some of the minds behind Bioshock. Heading up the operation is Andrew James and Ed Orman who were previously at Irrational Games.

Using the flexible Unreal Engine, Epoch is touted as a post-apocalyptic third-person shooter. Yes, that seemingly popular genre has made it to Apple’s mobile devices.

As with every shooting game in 2011, it revolves around protective cover. Acrobatic jumps and quick manoeuvres liven up the otherwise dull switches and from the trailer, the shooting mechanics look as though they’re on the money. Some fluffy narrative about an iRobot-esque reactivation in a ruined civilisation fills in the gaps.

It’s expected for release in Q4 2011.

Via: Cult of Mac
Image Credit: Uppercut Games

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