EA bringing Theme Park reboot to the iPad and iPhone

Gamescom took place last week (the massive European version of America’s E3) and with it all sorts of gaming announcements occurred. One that happened to sneak under the ‘mainstream radar,’ yet was by no means without significance to Simulation fans, was the reveal of Theme Park iOS.

Yes, taking its inspiration from the 1994 Bullfrog title (back before EA destroyed the studio), Theme Park is a 3D iOS title with free-to-play elements. It’ll have various themes, ranging from Pirate, Organic (your guess is as good as mine), and Futuristic. Expect plenty of gravity bending rides and people puking all over the park’s paths.

There’ll be mild interaction to keep you entertained, prodding bouncy castles for example, but mostly you’ll be building rides and managing your park — tweaking rides to ensure they entertain guests and balancing books to keep the money flowing.

There are a few warning bells ringing, especially around the premium features. Virtual purchasing, as reported last week, seems to be extremely profitable, so it’s no surprise that you’ll be able to increase the rate of your park’s expansion by spending real world money on consumable items. Just how much that will limit those who don’t want to part with real cash will eventually be revealed.

The game is out for iPhone and iPad before the year’s up and it’ll use cloud storage to save your game, courtesy of EA’s answer to Steam, Origin.

Via: Digital Spy
Photo Credit: EA

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