Despite Your Best Efforts To Avoid Waking Up, Wake Wakes You Up Anyway

I don’t really enjoy waking up. I prefer to let my good old natural circadian rhythm take its course on a day to day basis. Then I had a kid. Then I started waking up at random times. Then everything went to hell with my natural wakeup schedule. For those of you who have kids to take care of, or god awful 9 to 5 jobs, you’ll need an alarm clock. Wake is a minimalistic, and fine choice of an application.

The application is pretty much all gesture-based and streamlined for easy access to your alarm clocks. The best part of the app is that you get to actually slap your iPhone to snooze, or flip it to turn your alarm clock off. If you want to stop the alarm from chirping you, you can shake your phone to stop the alarm.

The application is two bucks on the App Store.

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