Daily App Updates: Too Many To List In A Title Edition

Here’s a few things that have been updated today that are worth checking out. It was a pretty crazy day for app updates.

Game Time App

nba-appThe NBA, just in time for opening night tonight, has updated Game Time, an application that let’s you access you “league pass” and other NBA goodies directly from your phone. It’s optimized for iOS 7, and now lets you access both the home and away video feeds for your games. Game recaps, and team videos are also free now, much like they should be.

Frankly, the app seems to be a bit of a ripoff from the NHL Center Ice offering, but that’s not a bad thing. Now if both the NBA and NHL could rip off MLB, I’d be a happy man.

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Shazam Encore

shazam-encoreEveryone’s favorite music “tagging” services now lets you artist news and album release updates form the bands you’re tagging, and you can now see your friends tags in a live stream. The annoying bug that persisted when you tried to tweet from within the app using an iPhone 5S has also be squashed, so there’s that.

This app, if you don’t have it will set you back $6.99.

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Microsoft Bing App

bing-appWe almost skipped writing about this because, well, Bing, but we thought we’d let you al know that the new Bing update brings the app into a nice synergy with iOS 7.

The Bing search engine app also has a new logo and new color scheme, which if you must know is an awful yellow.

The biggest thing to get pumped about is the new Bing app has support for animated GIFs. Ripping off images from Buzzfeed has never looked this good.

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google-plusGoogle+ as a service got a huge update today. While not out just yet, the iOS Google+ application will have background sync and full size back ups in the near future.

We recommend checking it out, Google+ is probably the best social network app around these days, but sadly no one is really using it.

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Amazon Cloud Player

Amazon has finally released a desktop version of the Amazon Cloud Player for the Mac. Basically it’s an alternative to iTunes that also lets you manage your Amazon, and MP3, files from the cloud. Here’s the glorious kicker though, the application will also play back your iTunes files.

It will also auto rip your CDs when you insert them into your Mac. If you’re tired of iTunes, you should check Cloud Player out, it’s a decent alternative, though it lacks in the design department.

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snapseedGoogle has also updated its image editing app today. Snapseed now sits at version 1.6.0 and includes some new features, including HDR Scape and a new shadow slider to help you fine tune dark image areas.

You should only update this one if you’re using iOS 7. There’s currently bugs with iOS 5 and iOS 6 versions of the app.

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There you have it, all the minor app updates from today. Twitter had a pretty big update so we wrote that one up in its own post. If you’re interested in what changed there, you can check it out here.

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