Verizon CEO: Verizon didn’t pass on the iPhone first

Verizon’s been a running joke in the Mac community ever since the rumor about Verizon forgoing the exclusivity deal with Apple hit the wire. They became the definition of “missing the boat” for a lot of people, and the punchline to many jokes. According to Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg, it had more to do with Apple than it did with them passing on the iPhone.

An except from an interview between Charlie Rose and Seidenberg appeared on Businessweek this morning,

Apple decided that it wanted one carrier in every major market. So Apple and AT&T consummated a deal three years ago. And because Apple was more focused on a single technology—the GSM technology—they chose AT&T. We had good discussions with them, but it was clear to us that they weren’t looking to make a device for both sets of technologies.

So, it looks like Apple didn’t offer the iPhone to Verizon before they went to AT&T. If this isn’t a lesson in the dangers of speculation and rumor mongering, I don’t know what is anymore.  The Charlie Rose interview had a lot of interesting moments, and a barrage of interesting questions.  If you want to check out the interview it should eventually be available on the Charlie Rose website. However, now might also be a good time to try out the free PBS iPhone application, since they’re apparently streaming all of their videos directly to the iPhone.

Editor Note: That black eye was from protecting a new Mac Book Air instead of his face while tripping over a pothole. I’ve been called a fanboy before, but it seems like Rose might just be the ultimate fanboy.

Article Via Business Week

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