Busted: Buttonless iPod touch was bunk

Apple has declared war on a lot of buttons in its day. Actually, when it comes to killing off technology, Apple probably leads the way. They’ve killed off books and bookshelves, CDs and album art, among a whole host of other things that have disappeared from their products throughout the years. One thing Apple won’t be killing off is the button on the iPod touch.

That’s right, the buttonless iPod touch isn’t on the horizon. In fact, it was a poorly executed GIMP job being passed around the internet. Crunchgear, after getting a second image from the same tipster, put the image through the paces. They single-handedly confirmed that the image was a current iPod touch given the clone tool treament in GIMP.

So there you have it — the buttonless iPod touch is busted.

Actually, how cool would it be if the Mythbusters did a spinoff busting Apple rumors? I’d watch that show.

Also, Kudos to Wayne for calling it last week!

Article Via Digital Trends

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